main features

What are the main pillars?

Personalized learning journey

Encubate adjusts intelligently to your schedule, needs and limitations and crafts a bespoke journey for you. You can access it 24/7 from any device and work on your future business whenever you like.

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Step-by-step guidance

Encubate takes from the "no idea, no plan" situation to the stage where you have the necessary knowledge, skills and plan. All based on decades of expertise of the world's top entrepreneurship organizations.

Supportive digital community

Building a business and mastering new skills is very difficult and you do not have to go through it alone. You can connect with other aspiring entrepreneurs, get feedback, talk to mentors and much more.

Safe & private "playground"

No need to make any major changes to your life when you start working on your business. Encubate enables you to build the foundations of your business next to your current job & without significant investments.

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curriculum & structure

How is the journey structured?

The journey consists of 8 modules, divided into many small steps.

Encubate's curriculum is based on expertise and know-how of the world's most renowned organizations, leading experts & successful entrepreneurs.

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