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Build the foundations of your own future business

When you finish Encubate, you will have the following tangible outputs for your future business:

  • Viable business concept & plan
  • Sample offering validated by the market
  • Budget / financial forecast
  • Proposal / pitch deck

Develop your entrepreneurial skills

While you work on the blueprint of your business, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Clear idea about your personal competitive advantage
  • Enhanced problem solving & innovative thinking
  • Knowledge of key business concepts & tools
  • Support from the digital community


We have created Encubate based on expertise and know-how of the world's most renowned organizations, leading experts & successful entrepreneurs.



“Encubate gave me the possibility to discover and work my way through all the important parts of starting a business and asking myself crucial and right questions. All this while always having the possibility to seek help from people with experience in starting a company. The advice, inputs, plan and ideas on how to move forward is a value that I can work with in later stages of my project."
Andrea Ch.
"I joined Encubate out of curiosity, as it offered something I have not seen before: a structured way to develop business ideas. And it worked. I was able to find my business idea very quickly and develop it into a prototype in around 8 weeks. Encubate helped me to focus on what was important and gave me instant feedback via conversations with a mentor and my peers in the program. I would have never started without encubate and developed my idea into the same stage only on my own."
Martin G.
"I was curious whether some of the many ideas I have could be turned into a business. Encubate showed me how experienced entrepreneurs and innovators think about a new project. Under supervision of a mentor, I selected the most promising idea, evaluated it's business potential and created a plan for next steps. I believe that the experience gained from Encubate will help me to avoid common mistakes and create a valuable product."
Vaclav K.
“I joined Encubate to make the first step towards starting my own business. I thought it will be mainly about building a simple lean canvas and clarifying target customers. In the process I found myself significantly changing the idea and my approach. I appreciated the feedback that I collected from my network and relevant experts. I also clicked well with my Encubate mentor who supported me and helped me shape my ideas. After the programme I have a clear idea about what next steps to take.”
Juraj A.