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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Encubate?

Encubate is an app / platform that helps aspiring entrepreneurs build the foundations of their future business and master their entrepreneurial skills. More info here.

How does the app work?

Encubate gives you small tasks and exercises every day - usually an action to take or a challenge to figure out. Our step-by-step guidance gives you focus and helps you move ahead with your business without getting overwhelmed or confused.

It is almost like having your own mentor who gives you advice on what to do and what not to do every day.

Similar concept to Headspace or Duolingo - designed for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Who is Encubate for?

Encubate is for aspiring entrepreneurs - people who are considering starting their own business in the future, but need some time and support to plan and prepare for it.

The app is particularly useful for people with limited time and flexibility - with a full-time job, a family, on parental leave etc.

What do I get from Encubate?

When you finish Encubate, you will have the following tangible outputs for your future business:
• Viable concept (lean canvas)
• Sample / prototype of your offering (validated by the market)
• Budget / financial forecast
• Proposal / presentation / pitch deck
• Business plan

While you work on the blueprint of your business, you will receive the following benefits:
• Clear idea about your personal competitive advantage
• Enhanced problem solving, innovativeness & communication skills
• Knowledge of key business concepts & tools
• Support from the digital community

How much time does it take to go through Encubate?

The entire journey is divided into 8 modules. Each module has ca. 10 parts, divided into a number of small steps. Each step can be finished in a few minutes, giving you a lot of flexibility. See here for more details.

The intensity and frequency is fully up to you - Encubate will adjust to your schedule. You can go through the entire journey in a few weeks or in a few months - depending on your preference.

What is the difference between Encubate and a startup incubator or accelerator?

In a sense, Encubate is a combination of an online pre-incubator and a skill development programme focused on developing entrepreneurial skills.

Encubate is a meaningful step to take BEFORE you decide to apply to an incubator, accelerator, leave your job etc. - as it will increase your clarity and probability of success, without exposing yourself to any major changes or risks in your life.

What is the difference between Encubate and other online entrepreneurship courses?

Our focus is entirely on providing you with relevant, quality and bespoke guidance.

Online courses / content is very useful in terms of learning new things, however provides often very limited value in terms of helping you understand what to do next. It is very common that people get overwhelmed and confused by all the information available online. Which is why we have cherry picked the best articles, videos and podcasts for you (the app will point you to the right content at the right time) and why we focus first and foremost on making sure you always know what to do next.

Will I receive feedback during my journey?


As you go through the journey, you will have the opportunity to requests feedback / advice from the Encubate team, mentors or the Encubate community.

Can I find possible partners or colleagues on Encubate?


There is a growing community of aspiring entrepreneurs on Encubate. You will soon be able to look them up and connect with them.

What devices are supported?

Encubate app works across devices (laptop, mobile, tablet) and platforms (Windows, Android, iOS), offering you maximum flexibility. You can thus work on your business and learn whenever it suits you. Completely hassle-free.

Is Encubate available in other languages?

Currently Encubate is available only in English.

Who is behind Encubate's content / curriculum?

We have created Encubate based on expertise and know-how of the world's most renowned organizations, leading experts & successful entrepreneurs. We feel very strongly that aspiring entrepreneurs don't need more content - they need more guidance.

Which is why we don't produce more content, but pick the best of the best from what is available online and integrate it into the journey (by linking to the particular articles, videos, podcasts etc.).

We have integrated best practices and insights from organizations like Leanstack, Ideo.org, Y Combinator, Kauffman Foundation, various TED speakers, Harvard Business Review contributors etc.

My question is not answered here, what shall I do?

Please don't hesitate to contact us - you can always email us at hello@encubate.me or use the form here. We usually respond within 24 hours!


“Encubate gave me the possibility to discover and work my way through all the important parts of starting a business and asking myself crucial and right questions. All this while always having the possibility to seek help from people with experience in starting a company. The advice, inputs, plan and ideas on how to move forward is a value that I can work with in later stages of my project."
Andrea Ch.
"I joined encubate out of curiosity, as it offered something I have not seen before: a structured way to develop business ideas. And it worked. I was able to find my business idea very quickly and develop it into a prototype in around 8 weeks. Encubate helped me to focus on what was important and gave me instant feedback via conversations with a mentor and my peers in the program. I would have never started without encubate and developed my idea into the same stage only on my own."
Martin G.
"I was curious whether some of the many ideas I have could be turned into a business. Encubate showed me how experienced entrepreneurs and innovators think about a new project. Under supervision of a mentor, I selected the most promising idea, evaluated it's business potential and created a plan for next steps. I believe that the experience gained from Encubate will help me to avoid common mistakes and create a valuable product."
Vaclav K.
“I joined Encubate to make the first step towards starting my own business. I thought it will be mainly about building a simple lean canvas and clarifying target customers. In the process I found myself significantly changing the idea and my approach. I appreciated the feedback that I collected from my network and relevant experts. I also clicked well with my Encubate mentor who supported me and helped me shape my ideas. After the programme I have a clear idea about what next steps to take.”
Juraj A.